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This case study examines the success story of Singular Agency, a strategic, design and development agency that spearheaded the creation of Fibbo, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing business transactions in Latin America. Through the implementation of Agile methodology, Fibbo emerged as the first-of-its-kind platform, seamlessly connecting buyers, suppliers, and factors to streamline their commercial interactions. This case study delves into the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the remarkable outcomes achieved by Singular Agency in collaboration with their visionary




UX/UI Design, Custom Development


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Product Owner, UX/UI Design, Front End Dev, Back End Dev, QA

The Challenge

The project commenced with a thorough analysis of the Latin American business landscape, identifying pain points, market gaps, and potential opportunities. Singular Agency worked closely with the client to define the platform’s core functionalities, user experience, and key performance indicators. By leveraging their industry expertise, Singular Agency devised a comprehensive strategy that would maximize the platform’s impact and scalability.

Singular Agency, renowned for their expertise in strategic consulting and technology solutions, partnered with a forward-thinking client seeking to transform the way businesses engage in commercial transactions in Latin America. Their shared objective was to develop a cutting-edge platform that would centralize the exchange of information between buyers, suppliers, and factors, while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology and integrating with existing ERP systems.

The Solution

Singular Agency adopted an Agile methodology to ensure efficient collaboration and iterative development throughout the Fibbo project. This approach allowed for adaptive planning, early and continuous delivery, and a focus on client collaboration and flexibility.

With a clear strategy and a refined design, Singular Agency’s development team embarked on building the Fibbo platform. Leveraging their technical prowess, they leveraged blockchain technology to establish a secure and transparent environment for data exchange. Additionally, they seamlessly integrated APIs with existing ERP systems to provide a seamless experience for users. Regular iterations and continuous testing allowed for quick bug resolution and feature enhancements.

The Outcome

The collaborative efforts of Singular Agency and their visionary client resulted in significant outcomes and transformative impact:

  • Streamlined Transactions: Fibbo eliminated communication barriers between buyers and suppliers, offering real-time access to accounts payable information. This facilitated prompt decision-making and streamlined transactions, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Enhanced Financial Tools: Through Fibbo’s integration of financial tools like prompt payment and factoring, all members of the ecosystem gained access to additional financial options, empowering them to optimize cash flow management and drive business growth.

  • Blockchain Security and Transparency: By leveraging blockchain technology, Fibbo ensured data security, transparency, and immutability. This instilled trust among participants and reduced the risk of fraudulent activities, fostering a more secure business environment.

  • Scalability and Adaptability: Fibbo’s Agile development approach enabled regular updates and enhancements, ensuring the platform’s adaptability to evolving market demands. It served as a foundation for future growth and expansion into new markets and industries.

"Singular Agency's development team utilized their strong technical skills to construct the Fibbo platform with a well-defined plan and improved layout, leveraging blockchain technology to establish a trustworthy and open space for data sharing."
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