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Bubbling Up: A Closer Look at's New Pricing Model

Updated: Feb 20, the rising star of No-code tools, continues to break the mold with its affordable pricing. While the existing pricing model was initially tailored for single entrepreneurs and startups during Bubble's early stages, the recent surge of growth and the widespread adoption of No-code tools have posed challenges to this pricing trend, as more companies are turning to Bubble to scale up their operations.

It has always been a trailblazer in the app development world, and their latest pricing revolution is no exception! In the past, their pricing structure focused on performance ceilings, storage, and features, but it often left users feeling confused and limited. However,'s new pricing model is set to change the game by unleashing the true potential of your app like never before!

In response, it has introduced an innovative new pricing model based on "workload units,". This are a novel way to measure the computational resources needed for app actions, such as workflows, file uploads, and APIs. The weight of each action determines the workload units consumed, although the calculation method and weight ratios are currently undisclosed. This shift to actual usage-based pricing empowers users with increased flexibility and control over their app development journey.

The impact of this pricing overhaul extends to significant changes in storage capacity, with up to 5 times more storage and prices that are a whopping 33 times cheaper compared to previous plans. The starter plan now includes recurring workflows with access to all frequencies, and while tier rates have mostly remained unchanged, there is a notable decrease in the cost of the Team plan. The pricing strategy is designed to provide users with generous initial limits to avoid hitting usage ceilings quickly, and the legacy capacity units have been replaced by measurable add-ons that can be added to all paid plans, offering users a more customizable experience.

Starting May 1st, the monthly agency plan will be priced at $85 per month, with an annual billing option at $78 per month, representing a price increase. However, users can expect exciting updates, including custom branches, workflow units, file storage, and two-factor authentication, in return for their investment. It's worth noting that users who created apps before April 6th will have the option to retain their legacy plans for up to 18 months, giving them ample time to anticipate and optimize for potential changes in pricing, and ensuring a smooth transition to the new pricing structure.

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The new pricing model is a game-changer, but like any major change, it comes with its pros and cons. The benefits are clear - auto-scaling, flexibility, and access to more resources. Say goodbye to performance ceilings and hello to limitless possibilities! However, the impact on existing apps may vary depending on their complexity, and optimizing app performance may present challenges with the proprietary formula for workload unit calculation.

But don't let that deter you! It provides the tools and resources you need to navigate this journey and unlock the full potential of the new pricing model. Embrace the future of pricing with and stay ahead of the competition!

In conclusion,'s new pricing model offers exciting opportunities for growth, but it also presents challenges that users must navigate. With the right approach and resources, users can make the most of the new pricing model and unlock the true potential of their apps.

We offer the flexibility to schedule a call with our team, where we can provide you with an estimate of how the new pricing model may impact your costs in the short and long term for your platform. We understand the importance of budget planning and want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of any potential changes, and we are available to discuss and address any questions or concerns you may have.



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