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About Us

At Singular Agency, our values and culture are at the heart of everything we do. They guide us like a map, showing us the way forward. We believe in growing every day, working with passion, making things of quality that are new and different, and being trustworthy and reliable. These important ideas help us work better together and with our clients. They're the foundation of our success and help us look forward to the future.


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Our Values

At Singular Agency, our foundation is built on simple but powerful ideas that guide our journey. We're all about growing together, tackling challenges with passion, creating standout solutions, and earning trust every step of the way. These values light up our path and shape how we work with you and each other.

Continuous Growth

Actively seeking opportunities that drive our constant growth and development.

Passionate Commitment

Driven by passion, we combine efforts to amplify our achievements and impact.

Innovative Quality

Rooted in ethics, we leverage technology and creativity to deliver unique value.

Responsible Trust

We maintain unwavering confidence in ourselves and our collaborative partnerships.

"Leading Singular Agency embodies innovation and a relentless drive towards excellence. Our team, the top minds from Latin America, is united by the belief that technology can profoundly transform businesses. Each project is an opportunity to exceed expectations, guided by our passion and commitment to client success. At Singular, we're not just creating software; we're shaping the future."
Sebastian Rohrmann
Sebastian Rohrmann



Singular Agency Team


Leadership at Singular Agency is a collective journey where every voice matters and every contribution is valued. It's about fostering an environment where creativity and innovation thrive, guided by the principles of transparency, mutual respect, and continuous learning.

Our leaders are facilitators, empowering teams to push boundaries and explore new horizons with confidence. They lead by example, championing a culture of accountability and collaboration that propels us forward.

At Singular, leadership is not confined to titles but is a shared responsibility that drives us to achieve excellence together, embodying the essence of true teamwork and visionary guidance.

Singular Agency Team
Singular Agency Team
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