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Osmo Shines Bright: Award-Winning Success in Miami and Prague

Updated: Feb 20

We are delighted to congratulate our client Osmo for their remarkable achievements in the world of cryptocurrency. Securing the second-place position in the highly competitive Pitch Day of Bitcoin 2023 in Miami and clinching the coveted first place in the prestigious Startup Pitch Contest at BTC Prague 2023, Osmo has once again demonstrated their exceptional innovation and entrepreneurial prowess. As a leader in the industry, Osmo continues to push boundaries, revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape, and we eagerly anticipate their future endeavors.

BTC Prague 2023

BTC Prague is a dedicated platform that emphasizes bitcoin education, onboarding, and adoption. They believe in empowering individuals and businesses to kickstart their projects by gaining attention and accessing financing opportunities. By participating in their pitch contest at BTC Prague, people can showcase their startup and have the chance to secure funding. This enables to focus intensely on what you excel at while leveraging the resources and support available through the platform. And this is where Osmo stood out and won first place. See Award

Pitch Day Competition

The Pitch Day competition of Bitcoin 2023 offers a unique platform for selected candidates to showcase their entrepreneurial prowess. Taking place in the vibrant setting of Miami Beach on May 18th, the event provides an exclusive opportunity for these talented teams to present their pitches to a distinguished audience comprising Industry Day attendees and a panel of esteemed judges. With the dynamic pitch day format, participants can put their innovative concepts to the test, receiving invaluable feedback and guidance from industry experts. And this is where Osmo stood out and won second place.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations once again to Osmo for this tremendous achievement. Their unwavering dedication and commitment are evident in their remarkable accomplishments. As Singular Design, we take immense pride in having Osmo as our valued client, their success is a testament to the exceptional effort and dedication we pour into our clients. We strive to provide exemplary services that empower our clients to thrive.

Osmo's triumph reflects the effectiveness of our approach and underscores our commitment to ensuring our clients' success. We are honored to be part of their journey and look forward to continuing to deliver outstanding results and support as they continue to reach new heights.


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