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Bond App

BOND is an innovative app designed to enhance team cohesion and interaction beyond the workplace. Aimed at Millennial and Gen Z managers, founders, and team leaders, BOND leverages AI to foster innovative company cultures and strengthen team connections. Through engaging, gamified activities, BOND encourages meaningful interactions, offering insights into team dynamics and promoting a collaborative, positive work environment. The platform is built to boost engagement and productivity by integrating fun and purposeful bonding activities.

How BOND Works:

BOND transforms remote workplace culture by initiating daily, gamified bonding questions, simulating virtual water-cooler conversations. These brief, 2-minute activities are crafted to maintain team connectivity and cultivate a unique online company culture. The app also features a competitive leaderboard, incentivizing participation with the chance to win real-world prizes, thereby enhancing every interaction with excitement and potential for stronger connections.


Bond App


Mobile Development


Flutter, Firebase, Next.js


Product Owner, UX/UI Design, Front End Dev, Back End Dev, QA, Scrum Master

The Challenge

Despite the readiness of the BOND app, there was a crucial need for a comprehensive admin platform. This platform would enable administrators to oversee team interactions, create and manage activities, handle subscriptions, adjust seating arrangements, and streamline the onboarding process.

The Solution

To address this need, we developed an advanced admin panel using Next.js, integrated with Firebase's existing database for seamless data management. The solution includes the use of cloud functions for enhanced functionality and Stripe for subscription and seating management. This strategic integration ensures a robust platform for admins to effectively manage user interactions and subscriptions.

The Outcome

The introduction of the admin panel provided a seamless solution for user onboarding, enabling administrators to purchase seats, manage subscriptions with a 30-day free trial model, and invite team members with ease. The responsive design of the panel allows for real-time monitoring of team activities, the creation of new activities powered by AI, and the analysis of team performance metrics.

"The goal of the project is to enhance team cohesion and productivity by providing a platform for interactive and engaging team-building activities, alongside an admin panel for seamless management of team interactions, activities, and subscriptions."
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