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Burger King

Our project is a mobile application that is designed to streamline the process of ordering food from BURGER KING. The app is centered around the idea of convenience and accessibility, with the goal of making it easy for users to explore the BURGER KING menu and place their orders quickly and easily.


Burger King


UX/UI Design, Mobile Development


Angular, NestJS, Ionic, Postgres


Product Owner, UX/UI Design, Front End Dev, Back End Dev, QA, Scrum Master

The Challenge

Burger King astutely identified the burgeoning need for convenient and streamlined food delivery services. While various existing platforms catered to this demand, they frequently failed to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. Burger King, facing the intensifying competition, confronted several crucial challenges in this realm:

a. Limited control over the customer journey and the overall quality of service.

b. Inability to harness the full potential of the Burger King brand and deliver a flawless ordering experience.

c. Encountering obstacles in raising the average ticket price and fostering enduring customer loyalty.

These challenges compelled Burger King to devise innovative strategies and forge new pathways to enhance their delivery services. By strategically addressing these concerns, Burger King sought to redefine the realm of food delivery, bestowing customers with unparalleled convenience and satisfaction while leveraging the unparalleled appeal of the Burger King brand.

The Solution

In order to surmount these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy built upon the following pivotal pillars:

a. Enhanced Service: Our foremost objective was to redefine the customer experience, surpassing the standards set by existing platforms. With meticulous attention to detail, we developed the Burger King delivery app to prioritize speed, accuracy, and uncompromising quality. By ensuring prompt and pristine delivery of orders, we aimed to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

b. Leveraging Brand Identity: Recognizing the intrinsic value of the Burger King brand, we meticulously incorporated its core elements and values into the app. This harmonious integration created a seamless brand experience for customers throughout the entire ordering journey. By fostering an unwavering connection with our clientele, we aimed to cultivate a sense of loyalty and affinity that extends beyond a mere transaction.

c. Average Ticket Pricing: To drive revenue growth, we implemented astute pricing strategies and leveraged the power of upselling. Through the app, we introduced personalized recommendations, enticing bundled meal options, and captivating limited-time offers. By skillfully engaging customers and offering them enticing incentives, we sought to inspire a propensity for elevated spending, thereby boosting the average ticket price.

Through the meticulous implementation of these key elements, we strived to revolutionize the landscape of food delivery, setting new industry benchmarks while preserving the essence of the esteemed Burger King brand.

The Outcome

The project is still evolving, with the team focused on achieving their goals of launching the first version of the mobile application and website by the end of April 2023, with significant improvements to speed and user interface/experience.

The team has made substantial progress towards these objectives, working diligently to optimize the server and streamline the app's codebase to improve performance and reduce load times. They have also made significant modifications to the user interface and user experience, taking into account feedback from users, to ensure that the app and website are intuitive, easy to use, and provide a seamless ordering experience.

“Our mobile application redefines convenience for BURGER KING patrons, offering a hassle-free experience to effortlessly order their favorite food with a few simple taps.”
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