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The project aimed to revolutionize the payment system within the cannabis industry by leveraging bitcoin technology, enhancing customer experience, and circumventing the limitations imposed by traditional financial systems.




Custom Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development


FlutterFlow, Webflow


Product Owner, Scrum Master, UX/UI Design, Front End Dev, Back End Dev, QA

The Challenge

The cannabis industry faces significant financial challenges due to restrictions on payment processing and banking relations. Traditional institutions often hesitate to engage with cannabis-related businesses, leading to reliance on cash and hindering operational efficiency and growth opportunities.

The Solution

Cannabolt and Rodeo Drive collaborated to develop a solution using bitcoin technology, allowing customers to earn bitcoin rewards with every purchase and providing a robust payment system for dispensaries. Developed using Flutter technologies for rapid deployment, this solution mitigates challenges posed by traditional banking, promotes customer loyalty, and streamlines transactions.

The Outcome

The integration of Cannabolt's bitcoin rewards system is expected to drive significant customer engagement and streamline transactions within the cannabis industry. The next steps include expanding the system to a broader network of dispensaries, positioning Cannabolt as a leader in providing bitcoin infrastructure solutions for the cannabis sector and beyond.

The goal is to address the cannabis industry's unique payment processing challenges by creating a Bitcoin rewards system that benefits both dispensaries and customers.
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