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This project is focused on developing a comprehensive wealth management system. Its primary objective is to facilitate the efficient management of clients for the internal Key Account Managers (KAMs), administrative team, and management. Invercorp is a company dedicated to overseeing the wealth of clients through investment activities. As part of this initiative, we have also designed a user-friendly front-end platform for end clients. This platform allows them to access and view all relevant information pertaining to their investments. By implementing Invercorp, we aim to streamline the wealth management process, enhance communication and collaboration among stakeholders, and provide an intuitive interface for clients to interact with their investment portfolios.




UX/UI Design, Custom Development


Airtable, FlutterFlow


Product Owner, UX/UI Design, Front End Dev, Back End Dev, QA

The Challenge

The inception of the Invercorp project was prompted by several challenges and opportunities within the wealth management industry. The existing system for managing clients and their investments relied solely on manual processes with no automation in place. This manual approach resulted in inefficiencies, lack of scalability, and increased potential for errors. Key Account Managers, administrative teams, and management faced difficulties in effectively organizing and overseeing client portfolios, leading to reduced productivity and potentially compromising client satisfaction. Additionally, there was a growing demand for a more transparent and accessible platform that would enable clients to monitor and track their investments in real-time.

The Solution

Recognizing these manual limitations and the need for a modernized solution, the decision was made to undertake the Invercorp project. Its purpose was to address the shortcomings of the previous manual system, introduce automation to streamline the wealth management process, and provide a user-friendly interface for both internal stakeholders and end clients. By developing this comprehensive system with automation capabilities, we aimed to improve operational efficiency, eliminate manual errors, enhance client experience, and ultimately strengthen Invercorp's position as a leading wealth management service provider.

The Outcome

The results of the Invercorp project have been highly successful and have exceeded initial expectations. The project has received widespread acceptance from both end clients and internal stakeholders, leading to its continuous evolution and expansion. The client satisfaction levels have been notably high, which has contributed to the project's growth and scope.

Overall, the Invercorp project has delivered exceptional results, driven by the high acceptance from both end clients and internal stakeholders. The continuous growth and evolution of the project highlight its success and its ability to meet the dynamic needs of the wealth management industry.

"The goal of the Invercorp project is to develop a comprehensive wealth management system with automation capabilities that streamline operations, enhance client satisfaction, and provide a user-friendly platform for managing and monitoring investments."
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